As a team of artists, art students, art teachers, and art lovers we strive to collect work designed in the home for the home. We want to give emerging artists a platform to shine. 

About Katy.

An art teacher, art lover, mom of two, wife, daughter and co-founder of The Untamed Square.

"Art needs to be shared and easily accessible."

My goal is invoking a love for art, a celebration for home artists and an avenue for both to coexist. Whether you are an artist, art patron, or somewhere in between, there is a place for you.

"Life is messy, let's make it worth enjoying."


About Jan.


With a love of painting and art, my hope is to inspire your imagination - and make you smile. 

As a painter, art teacher, mother and co-founder of The Untamed Square I understand that good art is made with love. At home artist need a platform to share their love. 
"I am inspired daily by such beautiful surroundings."


About Brittany.

Brittany Nicole, owner of Bleu Bee Designs and head design consultant for The Untamed Square, has always had an eye for aesthetics, an appreciation for art, a love for creativity and connecting with other small business owners. These elements are ultimately what brought Bleu Bee Designs to life. 

We proudly offer digital design, staging, three levels of interior design, a la carte styling packages, and space planning consultations.


Brittany's joy comes from tying together all aspects of design, styling and curating beauty in the places you call home. We pride ourselves on the importance of sourcing locally and supporting small businesses as much as possible!