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"The natural world moves me to express my inner self, and in doing so I find myself in communication with nature, a communication which then extends and connects to those who see my art."

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Agnes Russo had been creating original art since 2015 as a way to escape from the hectic business of life. The mountains surrounding the beautiful countryside of her childhood home first awakened and nurtured her artistic spark, thereafter she's been continually inspired by places she has lived or visited such as Italy, Scandinavia and the spectacular natural beauty of the United States. 

Agnes uses watercolor and fluid acrylics on paper to create elegant contemporary minimalist paintings with beautiful natural color. Each piece she creates are infused with the pure love and joy that fills her home and heart. Each one is unique and packaged with care in hopes that the joy and love she creates will fill your home.

Agnes currently resides in Houston, TX with her husband and children who often provide the best inspiration, love and support for her work. She currently sells her original art through instagram and her website.