Jan Daniels

"I hope my paintings make you smile."


Jan's paintings are a simple formula:

Bold Fluid Strokes + Bright + Light = Layers of Unexpected Color

Her most recent painting adventure started when she was given the pleasure of caring for her 100 year old mom. To make this time the best of times, she began to paint and share it with her mom. As a painter she conveys her subject in bright colors with acrylic, ink, pencil, washes, and free fluid brushstrokes. Boldly layering colors to create the unique and unexpected bold pops of color. Her focus has always been on emphasizing contrast and variety within the composition while vividly capturing the light and color. 


Her series include:


Wild Horses of Cumberland Island

Wild Things

Bloom with Grace 

Power Pearls for Young Women in Leadership!

Series by Rae

Born in Atlanta, her paintings are influenced by Atlanta, Isle of Hope, Amelia Island, Cumberland Island, Beaches of St George Island, and her family garden in Avondale Estates. She's inspired daily by such beautiful surroundings. Her initial artistic inspiration came from a fantastic art teacher at The Westminster Schools.

Jan shows an sells her art at various locations including Wild Oats and Billy Goats located in Decatur, GA.