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"My paintings capture my love of painting and being outdoors, as well as my emotions and
feelings. When I paint, I am able to express nonverbal feelings."


Color, light, energy, and movement all come to mind when Chang creates art. She is never at a loss for ideas and the desire to create and paint is in her every day. She enjoys

challenging herself to come up with new color combinations and applying them to the canvas surface. Christina finds the process mesmerizing and meditative.

Although Christina Chang was trained classically, and created art in many forms and expressions, capturing color, light, and shapes are primary goals in her latest creations. Chang's work has evolved and transformed from portraying landscapes through an impressionistic style to abstraction. She is currently painting works that emphasize the light in new ways. A stroke of the brush and the
application of bold color are what drives Chang's art to come to life.

Christina enjoys working on many paintings simultaneously. She sometimes reference landscape photographs that she took at a particular location and find inspiration from those photos and her
experience at that time. It is so gratifying to complete a painting with her own two hands and bring a painting from her imagination into existence.

Christina also sells other works on her website