Crawford McWilliams

"As an artist, I am inspired by everything around me- architecture, nature, even everyday objects."



 Crawford began taking art classes at a young age. This early creative foundation inspired her to seek out a field of study which would cultivate her passion for art and it shifted to home interiors. In 2008, she graduated from The University of Alabama with a B.S. in Interior Design and shortly thereafter moved to Orange Beach, Alabama. The beautiful coastal scenery of the Gulf Coast is constantly inspiring her, and she's loved living in paradise ever since! She has always loved painting throughout her entire life; however, she didn’t start painting professionally until recently. In January 2017, her mother passed away very unexpectedly.

"My mother was my biggest fan- or my art, my creativity, and my passion to make everything that I encountered beautiful! She always encouraged me to get back to painting regularly and I just never seemed to make the time. Losing her was hands down the hardest thing that I have ever experienced. After months of grieving and with the encouragement of close friends, I decided that enough was enough and it was time to take the leap into painting professionally. I decided to put 100% into turning my long-lost hobby into a career…so here I am now- painting every day and having the time of my life. I put my heart and soul into every brushstroke, and I know that she is so proud of the artist that I have become."

Memories play an important role in her work. She can see a certain color and it will bring back a sense of familiarity from an experience or place that she visited. Those flashes of beauty and memory strongly influence her energetic, expressive painting style. She's fanatical about color and doesn’t think that she could ever pick just one favorite. She loves the punch of a bright magenta, the cheerfulness of a lemon yellow, and the depth of a Prussian blue. Each color possesses infinite ways to be layered into a rich and expressive visual statement. Her primary medium is oil because she finds the rich pigment so satisfying to manipulate but she also likes to incorporate other mediums into her paintings. She uses a range of tools when painting and likes to explore different shapes and compositional relationships- crossing lines, scratches, organic and geometric shapes, textures, and unusual color combinations. Her process involves experimentation as well- sometimes adding, sometimes subtracting.


Crawford also shows her work at Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach, Sea La Vie Designs, Four Seasons Gallery and Gallery 905. 

She also sells her other works on her website.