The Woke Studio

Daisy Dickson

"My art attempts to evoke and portray a spiritual self awareness, by telling stories of awakening."

Daisy has been creating art since early childhood and always felt a calling to become an artist. She was formally educated in oil painting in college, graduating in 2004 with a BA in Studio Painting. Her whole approach to art is using it as a vehicle for developing insight and introspection to evolve into a better version of herself. To grow and move forward. These are the stories and journeys of her soul, catalogued with art. As an ER Nurse, she has seen and experienced first had many traumas, including the ones related to COVID-19. The emotions have manifested into series collections.

Daisy currently creates self-portrait narrative pieces, intuitive abstract or abstract expressionism. Her abstract work grew out of a desire to start over, cleanse and wipe away the old by starting something completely new and different. The first of them were painted over older work. It was a way for Daisy to make peace with her unsatisfied work and let them go. This process became a metaphoric  discovery in learning how to process and let go of those things in life that don’t serve us anymore. Furthermore, this process became a way to find a balance of both beauty and joy out of struggle and pain. The idea of something simultaneously existing, being destroyed and being created is a concept that is carried throughout her work. Her abstracts are several layers of work laid on top of one another to create layers of texture and color, until she achieves that sense of balance.

Daisy work has been showcased in Atlanta pop up artist markets, Anjipan Presents in NY and The Rail Side Gallery in Smyrna, GA.

Daisy currently sells work online via Instagram and Etsy shops, under The Woke Studio.