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"In so many ways art saved my life."

Denise has been making art professionally since April 2014. With a Bachelors in Studio Art and English, she originally taught both in Louisiana where she is from. After leaving the classroom she turned professional artist and never looked back. 

Denise creates for a thousand different reasons but the one that seems to be the most important and the one that really got her started was to manage stress, grief, and chaos. She has also discovered that creating is a means of paying attention, praying, and providing for her family.

What first started as a bird watching series, soon turned into florals, figures, and live on-sight custom pieces for weddings. She's made a living doing what she loves. 

Denise uses thick oil paint on canvas or wood panel. She paints applying it liberally with a palette knife to create rich textures and undiluted colors. 

Denise also sells her work on her website