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"My hope is that my art is a reminder of the beauty in our world while also providing happiness and joy to the spaces it occupies."

Georgette creates from her private studio on their 10-acre property. Surrounded by
gardens and water, she is never at a loss for inspiration. Light, color relation, and
movement are attributes that give way to Georgette’s unique style of art.

An introvert at heart, Georgette enjoys the solitude of working in her own space, just
existing in the moment with her 4-legged studio companions always at her feet. In
addition to dentistry, Georgette also has a background in floral design, which likely
contributes to florals being the main subject of her work. Having once built bouquets
for weddings and events, she now builds them via her artwork.

Her process involves layers of bright, bold, fluid inks, placed in just the right place to
compliment surrounding colors. She then uses straws in various sizes, blowing to move
the ink with varying air pressure. The inks dance in a light and airy fashion. The result
is perfectly imperfect bouquets that never lose their petals...never ending blooms.

Inks are her primary medium, but acrylics often find their way into her work as well.
Most recently she has begun experimenting with the addition of hand-made clay
blooms. Georgette’s process begins on specialty paper, which is then mounted to wood
panels and resined. The resin finish gives the work a high-gloss top coat that provides
lasting UV protection against fading. The inks and resin, along with the clay blooms,
result in art with depth and dimension that has a sculptural feel.

When inspiration strikes, Georgette also paints abstracts. Her technique differs from her
florals, but she uses the same bold color palettes and impressionistic style. Creating two
different types of art keeps her creative energy fresh.

Georgette's work can be found in local NC and southern shops and galleries as well as appearances from HGTV's "Bargain Mansions" 

She also sells her work on her website