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"No matter the medium, my palette is always colorful!  My art includes landscapes, abstracts, story art, and still lives."

 Gerri Hyman is a painter whose palette is bright with color; you won’t find many browns and earth tones on it. She's inspired not only by the brilliancy of nature but also by simple pieces of glass & pottery, textiles, interesting architectural elements, and so much more. Gerri paints mostly with acrylics, switching occasionally to gouache and she loves mixing in a box of crayons, pastels, or markers.


Hyman's favorite surfaces are wood, canvas and paper. Treasure-hunting for vintage and unusual frames to hold her art is a special skill of hers.

Hyman has always been greatly influenced by the style and colors of the Fauves; however, nowadays she finds so many new, not-so-well known contemporary artists to be a “go-to” sources of inspiration. Gerri studied art, works as an artist, and also currently teaches art.

Gerri also sells her work on her website