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Jeanne Player

"​ I am inspired by open spaces and the sense of freedom those environments bring. I find peace and serenity while recreating the world around me on canvas and paper."

Jeanne has always had a passion for art and decided to dive head first into her art career after friends encouraged her to use the gift of painting God had given her.  She is inspired by the beauty of the natural world around her. She is most inspired by landscapes, seascapes, figures, and florals.


She prefers to work with acrylic paints because of the fast drying time using a combination of palette knives and brushes. She sometimes incorporates mixed media and build layers in her art to add an extra element of visual interest. 


  Jeanne has participated in several exhibits over the past few years and is currently showing work at:

Karen Saks Showroom, Campbell House Galleries, Lisa's Custom Framing, One of a Kind Gallery, LLC, Saatchi Art Online

Jeanne also sells her other works on her website