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Katy Daniels Original Art

"For me, art is discovery learning. When I create, I am learning about my materials, my subject, and myself."

Katy Daniels has always wanted to be an artist. Even as a kid in school, that was her response. She graduated with a Bachelor's in Art and went on to obtain a Masters in Teaching to become an art teacher. While she was fortunate to share and cultivate a love for creativity in the education world she never took her own art seriously, until now.

As a military spouse her family moves and travels often. There is never a lack of inspiration for Katy. She is drawn to textures and 3 demential shapes. She creates through a discovery process, allowing the materials to create the composition. Her favorite materials to work with are wood, clay, and metals. She often enjoys combining multiple materials to provide visual and tactile interest. 

She loves that idea that her art can be touched and felt for a more intimate experience.