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"I've always been artistic, and love the calming sense of peace I get while creating."


Kristina took an interest in printmaking the end of high school, and continued to study it throughout college, and graduate school. She officially turned her artistic practice into a business 4 years ago.


Kristina specializes in printmaking, and creates her work through the woodcut process. She connects with the physicality, and tactility of the printmaking process; It's like creating 2-dimensional sculpture. She loves the entire process; the feel of the wood with its rough and warm touch, the meditative quality of carving layer after layer, and even getting her hands inky, while mixing up new lively colors.


Inspired by the Florida landscape, and her surroundings, She aim's to transform ordinary life into something new and extraordinary; highlighting the bright, bold, and colorful beauty found outdoors.

All of Kristina's artwork is original; drawn, carved, and printed by her. She allows the process to dictate, and transform her marks, lines, and color. She uses one block of wood that she first draws her image on, and then carves by hand layer by layer- color by color, until the block is reduced and most of the image is carved away. She rolls the surface of the carved block of wood with ink (each color is a different layer that gets rolled off the same block). Then places paper on top, and pressure is applied to transfer the ink to the paper. She produces small limited editions of each image, and once the block is fully carved and the last color is printed, the edition is done. Kristina can not print anymore from the block of wood, making them truly unique.

Kristina has shown her work in numerous local art galleries and shops in Florida. She also sells her limited edition prints on her website.