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Laura Dunn

"The work I make is a personal excavation and escape."


Laura has painted for herself since college in 2005, but decided to pursue it more seriously a year ago in July of 2019. 


Even though the ideas and motivations behind her works are fairly heavy she deals with them in a way that the work is not dark, but hopeful and colorful.


"I like to think even when things are down you can choose to walk on the bright side."

She works on both paper and on canvas. Her watercolors and collages are on paper. Her acrylic are on both paper and canvas. Her latest pieces add some collage elements to the canvas works.

Watercolor pieces start with a base layer of broad color fields. She adds layers of color to bring up the piece to show depth and movement. Oil pastel and graphite is added lastly to add additional depth, movement and expressive marks. Acrylic pieces start in a similar way. Abstracted backgrounds are worked up slowly over several layers. The foliage elements are added loosely at first and then developed with layers of oil pastel outline and acrylic paint. Lastly graphite is used as a final loose and messy outline to give strength and movement to the foliage. The main goal to keep the foliage elements from becoming too precious, but to give them toughness and strength.

Laura also sells her work on her website