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"I create to satisfy my creativity, my busy nature and to keep my physical pain at bay. I have nerve damage that makes it hard to keep positive sometimes, but my art really helps me be grateful."


When paintings are commissioned, Leah brainstorms the color palettes in advance, before starting the painting. But sometimes, when feeling spontaneous, she just grabs her go to colors and just start by putting the paint down on the canvas, excited to see the beautiful colors blend. Other times, She'll see a color palette “in the wild” that she decides to use and then mix out all the colors before beginning on a palette. Sometimes color mixing can take a while, but its another part of the process she enjoys.

"Somehow each piece, in the end, radiates my personality and my somewhat wacky and weird character. The bold line work in my artwork represents my bold style in life. The colors in my artwork represent my cheerful and playful spirit and demeanor. The shapes I use are inspired by my favorite famous artists of the past, Mondrian, Kandinsky, Mirò and more. These elements come together to make my signature style."

Leah also sells other works on her website