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Leila Victorin

"Art for me is this companion that allows me to understand myself and the world in ways that I would otherwise avoid. My wish is that my work connects with you in some way as well." -Leila 

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Leila can't remember a time when she hasn't been creating. From memories of "tattooing" designs on her baby dolls, to designing her own clothes she has created her world. Creating has been something that she does because she needs to create. It's something that keeps her in touch with herself and allows her to process things that she wouldn't otherwise understand in a tangible way. 

Leila paints with acrylic and oils on canvas taking colors straight from the tube to begin her work then layering on the canvas to find the colors for each piece as they are painted. She is drawn to multiple shades of blacks to create subtle depths. Her painting process often reflects something she is processing internally. She works on multiple pieces at a time to help her emotionally battle with her creative process. When she needs a break on one piece, she moves to another to give her a better perspective when coming back.

Leila is a Haitian-American, Michigan-based, New England-raised painter whose work primarily focuses on contemporary portraits and still life paintings. Her work is deeply rooted in her Black life and experience, even while creating a seemingly neutral still life painting. She has described her creative journey as an inhale of her environment and experiences to her exhale of visual expression. 

She currently has her works available through her instagram and website.