Milena Fischer

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"I am convinced that surrounding ourselves with meaningful objects that are beautifully designed and carefully made improves the quality of our lives."

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Milena started making macrame in 2019 as a way of balancing her day job as an architect, enjoying the meditative aspect of knotting with her hands instead of staring into a screen. Soon, she began to see the potential of this art form as a method of combining her knowledge about spatial quality and interior design with her re-discovered creativity. As an architect, she believes in the connection between our home environment and our emotional wellbeing. Therefore, she creates slow-made fiber art for mindful homebodies, who want to curate intentional and authentic homes that reflect their values and personalities.

Milena uses traditional macrame techniques in combination with sleek, modern designs. Her creations are inspired by the timeless beauty of geometric and architectural shapes. After sketching them out in her notebook, she transfers the patterns into a graphic design program and calculate the exact measurements of rope needed. To begin a new tapestry, she mounts the passive cords on a wooden dowel. In a tedious process of many hours, she knots the pattern around the cords with utmost attention to detail and precision, using nothing but her hands. The finishing process consists of suturing and cutting all the cords.

Milena uses a combination of recycled natural cotton cord and extra-soft 100% cotton string in soothing colors. Every piece is carefully packaged with eco-friendly materials and comes with a handwritten thank-you note.

Milena also sells her pieces on her website