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Paula DiSciullo

"I love losing all track of time, mesmerized by the process and the sense of satisfaction when my work is complete. It is also a wonderful outlet from the busyness of motherhood."

What started as a rekindling of a lifelong relationship with art and nature soon turned into Paula's career. As a busy mother of four, she listened to her inner desires to full fill her creative needs and slowed down in the studio. First her equine series was born, then her canine series, following abstract works and now sea life series.

Paula first begins with a photo for inspiration and reference. Then she adds layer upon layer of color to create texture and vibrancy. She paints with loose bold brush strokes. Her intuitive color choices and geometric backgrounds allow the energy and character of her subjects shine through. She showcases the tension between order and natures' imperfection resulting in a beautiful contrast.  

Paula also sells other works on her website.