A Space for Everyone.

By Katy Daniels

Two weeks in and we’ve completely moved houses and unpacked, almost. While not everything is unpacked or put away there are definite plans to who, what, when, where and how our space will be filled.

After talking with some of our Untamed Artists and reflecting on how we’ve organized, packed, moved, and now unpacked...I’ve realized it’s all about intention and priorities. If you are feeling overwhelmed about moving, it’s okay. Honestly, I am still overwhelmed. But, by intentionally planning my move and the steps I wanted to take to get there helped to ease my anxiety. Hopefully, these tips will be helpful to you as well.


Life should be lived with intention.

You think about what you eat, how you dress, where you go, what you do each and every day. You make small and big decisions, so why should moving be any different? Choose the home. Choose what will go into that home. And be intentional. Not every little thing you have needs to have a specific space right away, but as Marie Kondo says, “If it doesn’t bring you joy, don’t have it.”


Once you’ve made the hard decisions about WHAT you are moving, create a plan for how.

As a military spouse I always have several plans for the hows in life.


  • Plan A

  • Plan B

  • Plan C1

  • Plan C2

  • You get the picture.

The best way for me to stay sane and keep planning is by focusing on my priorities. For instance with our most recent move, I prioritized the spaces my family will spend most of their time. For the home we just moved into, we gained a playroom that wasn’t an extra bedroom. So, I started with the Kitchen (we all gotta eat), then the living room (the ultimate common space) and then next? Yep. The playroom.

An Example: The Playroom.

To break it down more I thought about the intention behind the playroom and what priorities to set in order for my intentions to be successful. I’m a teacher who parents young kids. This playroom also serves as a school room. Even before we moved out of our old house I organized and went through all of my daughter’s toys, craft supplies, knickknacks, you name it and I intentionally looked at it and decided on its purpose and placement. I repurposed a bookshelf in my bedroom for a playroom organizer. Then we purchased a few new boxes (from IKEA) and had everything ready to go before we even got into the new playroom space. This made the transition for them (and me) a whole lot smoother. We were able to set up the space faster and jump into our routines in the new house.

Another Example: The Bedrooms.

The house we previously lived in had an office space in the master bedroom. While it was a nice area and was well used, I found it more difficult to seclude myself in order to get anything accomplished. I would end up spending late nights working on something instead of sleeping. For me and my family, bedrooms are now for sleeping. With young kids and a spouse in the military, family time is precious. We spend time together as much as possible. My kids still like spending time with me and I want to encourage that. So, our bedrooms have a bed, and a place for books. My daughter’s room also has a place for art so they can create their own space. My bedroom has a mirror for getting ready. I intentionally decided not to make space for an office, or electronics, or TV. And I was able to organize before we left the old house and pack according to my priorities.

Intentions about each space and planning by priority will help create the atmosphere you desire. Intentions will make a house into a home.

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