Art as a Reminder to Escape.

By Brittany Nicole

Summer is a time to escape what seems to be the redundant wheel of routine, trading our schedules for spontaneous adventure and thankfully this year, many of us will be able to get back out into new cities and enjoy a much needed vacation. No stay-cations for me this year!

When I travel for summer, I don’t ever need to look for inspiration, simply being out of routine and in new environments is enough for my creative brain to kick into high gear. I love scouring new antique stores, new restaurants, visiting landmarks and historic homes, all of which override my senses and allow me to come home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

In the year that was 2020, when nearly the entire world was shuttered inside their homes, we got a rare glimpse of just how isolating and un-inspiring our own homes might actually be. Scary as it was for many, I’d like to thank the artists and works of art that were born out of solitude, acts of bravery and courage, to step out and fulfill passions that may have laid dormant otherwise. Art is a form of traveling that everyone can partake in, and I’d love to share with you some of my favorite works available here at The Untamed Square, as well as the travel memories they inspire within me.

One glance at Lena’s starlit sky and lush tropical surroundings, takes me back to the beautiful Bahamian locale of Harbor Island. From the stray dogs and chickens that roam the narrow streets lined with golf carts, to the expansive ocean views from every angle, the pink sand beaches and star-filled nights dancing to local DJ music come flooding back into my mind.

I can almost taste the sweet Bahamian bread now!

Lena's Patio by Gerri Hyman

Reminiscent of the marsh filled drives at dusk from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, early summers in college were spent visiting friends across Louisiana for Jazz Fest. The long and low lying bridges of highway that stretched between NOLA and Baton Rouge seemed eerily calm at dusk, although the car trips were always filled with music by Fats Domino, Amanda Shaw and Irma Thomas and plenty of laughs among friends. One such evening we found ourselves in the tiny town of Breaux Bridge, just in time for the Crawfish Festival, a town with a population less than 10,000. Dawn of Night evokes the calm beauty of the marsh against the lively cultural background of cities buzzing with life.

Dawn of Night Began by Emily Ufer

Girls in Grey recalls all of the mother-daughter vacations that I have been blessed to experience with my momma, and her mother, my Mama Bardin.

From trips to Atlanta’s Southern Living Craft Fair to New York City, there have been adventures all over between the mothers and daughters in our family.

One of my favorite trips was going to NYC with my mom for my 30th birthday (just a week prior to Christmas) and getting to take Girls in Grey by Jan Daniels in all that is purely magical about the city

decked out in her holiday best. We ate Le Macaron for breakfast, took carriage rides through Central Park, watched the skaters at Rockefeller Square and walked 47 blocks in one day while taking in the exquisite holiday window displays that the city is known for in December. Trips taken with one’s mother are never far from the heart, evoking a simpler time when you realize that your momma has become your best friend.

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