Art in Unlikely Places, a Stairway to Creativity.

By now you should know that to define a space is more than just to define the word. But to continue our theme, let’s define the “Stairway” as a set of steps or stairs and its surrounding walls or structure.

Using what we remember about walls, and ledges, we can assume that the stairway is also fair game when choosing a space to brighten a home. Many new home decorators enjoy the stairway as a place to display art but shy away from actually hanging anything. Any easy tip on hanging art can be found in many places (like this simple “how to” from wiki-how or this in depth guide from renovation headquarters).

While the gallery wall technique is the best possible way to create an interesting design on your stairway walls, we gained inspiration from Country Living Magazine, Charlotte (@interior_bug), our own artists and more for some innovative ways to brighten our home, or in this case, stairway.

Charlotte from @interior_bug and creator of @bug_archives, a curation of antique collectables, shares her journey while renovating an old victorian home in England. She pairs different sizes and colors to create a unique to her gallery wall. She also continues her display to the threshold wall so her visitors can have a visual while ascending to another level.

Micheal Abrams Interiors uses similar framing with similar medium of work but arranges their pieces in a seemingly random array to provide art within the display of art. This creative way to showcase similar work causes interest with a streamline minimalist perspective.

Country Living created a compilation of ways to brighten your staircase by incorporating colors, textures, and mediums in a gallery wall. They also suggest, if you have space, to utilize 3D art for your landing. Whether it’s a sculptural piece for viewing, a scene to rest, or a functional vase. This is often an overlooked section of the house that is frequently traveled.

Besides gallery walls and landings, we also want to share an innovative idea of using the actual banister to hang work. Unless you have an architecturally interesting banister, you could use a way to brighten this area of your home. Simple zip ties and wire can create the easiest hanger for your banister. If you’d rather not see a hanger, you can use the underside of the railing to add a hanger for future decor. We digitally created banister hung art to truly visualize the idea. We love it.

Art from left to right by Jan Daniels, Rhonda Deland, Whitney Rahim, Katherine Plummer

We challenge you to look at your stairway with new creative eyes and elevate your home through art. Be Brave.

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