Art in Unlikely Places, an Introduction

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

When you walk into a home, you can expect to see pictures or visual interests scattered throughout a house.

Most traditional homes have art over a mantel, over a bed, hanging in a foyer, delicately placed on an end table, or even on an accent wall.

Original Art by Julia Fellers-Green placed in the Bleu Bee Designs, Brittany, displays her

traditional "over the bed" display. art over the mantel.

Art and design go hand in hand when creating a layered and personalized home. Interior Designers are both artists and spatial designers. The very birth of The Untamed Square started with an “Art is Design, Design is Art” collaboration between our Cofounder, Jan Daniels, and Bleu Bee Design owner, Brittany Zimmerman. Naturally, we leaned into our experiences and explored the relationship between art and the walls of a home reflect its inhabitants.. Journeying into the unlikely places of art, we interviewed interior designers and home stylists from across the country to get comprehensive insight on numerous ways to incorporate art for the home.

In staying true to the “untamed” moniker, we found that the interior professionals much prefer non-traditional ideas for art placement, using any space as a vessel to share art.

We sought design inspiration from our very own Head Designer Brittany Nicole, of Bleu Bee Designs, as well as Courtney from Zig & Co,on how to incorporate these new nontraditional spaces for art in your home. We spoke with avid art collector Holley Jaakkola, of Savannah, Georgia who was also recently featured in Southern Homes Magazine for her creative spaces, about how nontraditional art placement adds comfort in the home. We also gathered insight from our very own artists at The Untamed Square to see how they non-traditionally incorporate their own art in their home.

Original tile from Sarah Bulson shown in her own shower.

We look forward to spending the next few weeks sharing how we can celebrate art in every space in our home.

We’ll start with the comfort of traditional art locations in the home, by discovering new ways to organize art on our walls

or bookshelves, adding new visual interest to a space. Then we will ease into a space that we normally overlook but could be enormous visual real estate for any home, the stairway. We’ll explore large scale art and gallery walls from ceiling to baseboard.

Logan Elizabeth Designs takes displays art on her bookshelf.

We’ll look at gathering spaces like the kitchen, as well as unexpected smaller spaces (enter the powder room) and finally, as we wrap up Art In Unlikely Places, we’ll take to the outdoors, where art can be showcased amongst nature’s own art to create a visual oasis.

Original art for the bathroom by Crawford Harbor Blue House showcases original

McWilliams. art behind the bar sink by Leslie May.

As we unfold these non-traditional ways to brighten your home, we ask you to be brave and find your own creative designer within.

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