Art in Unlikely Places. Connect in the Kitchen.

Fun Fact, Kitchens are one of the most heavily trafficked rooms in the home with most homeowners entering them two to three times a day or more than 1,000 times a year. It’s also one of the most commonly renovated rooms in a house. The most likely reason is due to wear.

Almost every culture around the world includes a meal while gathering. Growing up, food was always around during family get togethers. And, cooking was a common activity during our holidays. I don’t remember a Christmas without baking cookies in the kitchen. I don’t remember a Mother’s day or Father’s day where my brothers, sisters and I cooked breakfast (well they did, I just tried pouring the cereal) for my parents in the kitchen. Birthday cakes? Made in the kitchen.

My most precious family traditions were made in the kitchen. A recent survey was conducted to find out how much we really depend on our kitchen. Report Linker found that 98% of Americans prefer to cook meals at home in their kitchen. It’s no secret, we like our kitchens. Since so much time and love is spent in the kitchen, we decided it was time to pour some love INTO the kitchen.

A kitchen consists of the standard items; counters, fridge, range, oven (although I lived in a house that didn’t have an oven once), and cabinets/shelving. Art has a home with all of these spaces. If you are lucky there are extras like a microwave, island or windows but most often a kitchen is simply a space for cooking. Art can make it a place for gathering.

Don’t have a window in your kitchen? Create visual interest by placing some original art above your sink or oven. Next time you are doing dishes you will have something to appreciate. Instagramer Naomi Vacaro, mentioned in apartment therapy, combines both by adding an original hand script mantra above her window. Hannah from House Hathaway uses a light minimalist approach to create focal points on her original art by placing it directly over the range vent.

Don’t have much wall space? No problem, use what you have. Art on the fridge can be more than just a place for reminders, calendars, or kids art. Using Jean-Micheal Basquit as inspiration to rethink your “wall space” to curate your own gallery, we see that truly anything can be considered art. We aren’t suggesting actually painting the fridge, but making a space for the paintings you love could allow for personal expression. You can buy magnetic frames and make it a constant rotating gallery.

Who says art is just for the wall. Holley Jaakkola, featured in HGTV online, was praised for her surprising unique details in the kitchen. Her whimsical attitude is personified in the place she frequents by placing 3D sculptural art on her counters. She thoughtfully uses smaller art to create nuances with her backsplash.

We challenge you to include art in one of your most traveled spaces. Whether you choose to spot light one original piece or combine many detailed elements, use what you have and express yourself. Brighten your home. Brighten your kitchen.

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