Art in Unlikely Places, The Beautiful Bathroom.

Everyone knows what a bathroom is. We don’t need to define it. Sometimes referred to, “Washroom” “Lavatory” “Spa” or for parents with tiny humans, “Potty.” This room is another place everyone spends time in. While the bathroom is not where we gather, we do use it for self-care, to refresh, start and end the day, or even just take a break (literally speaking a “bathroom break”).

While what we do in the bathroom has always been a part of life, the actual bathroom hasn’t always been a part of the home. In the early 1900’s, the bathroom was a piece of furniture or a place outside, not a room. But thanks to science and House Beautiful publishing articles on bacteria in the bathroom, Americans became starkly aware of where the birth of many diseases occurred. And since purity was trending in the 1900's, design changes were made to the house and the porcelain and tile combination that we recognize today was born.

What was originally a necessity has

now become another way to express personality through style. Or, for our Untamed artists, the bathroom is an area in which we can test new designs on a smaller captive audience. Sarah Bulson, with Bulson Ceramics, shared a tile she designed specifically for the bathroom in her own home. This jump started a series she created with green and blue glazes that we now see in her bowl sets.

Meanwhile, Jessica of Maple Oranges first played with script in metals by combining words. She made a custom “Get Naked” set that became so popular it stayed in her collection. Who says the bathroom can’t be a place for humor?

While the bathroom is an easy place to test designs sometimes it becomes the hardest space to decorate. You can’t exactly move the bathtub to fit that original framed 30 X 40 art. And you don’t want to hang it in the shower to get wet. So, we came up with some simple solutions to brighten your bathroom.

Holley Jaakkola, featured in Savannah Magazine, always brings detail to every room. The bathroom is no different as she combines different textures and 3D and 2D art to create warmth in an otherwise sterile environment. By paring smaller pieces she is able to showcase more without overwhelming her small space.

Good Housekeeping highlighted many inspiring ways to brighten a bathroom. Bathrooms lead to more 3D elements since there is naturally more shelving and storage. Why not use unique original art, such as ceramic vessels to house those q-tips or your favorite soap? There are many different ways you can store something. Let’s make it aesthetically pleasing and enjoy our space functionally.

In a previous blog we took an Untamed look at the traditional art on walls by including different textures and colors in a gallery wall. Country Living shared some gallery wall inspiration by framing the mirror and art in similar work to create unity in the same space.

And Brittany Nicole, of Bleu Bee Designs, believes that a bathroom is especially great for making bold choices in decor, through tile, art, lighting and wall coverings. Much like a foyer, a bathroom can easily enhance your overall style.

Small space, small problems. Create the oasis of your dreams and play around with color, texture, and creativity. Use art to brighten your bathroom.

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