Art in Unlikely Places, Wonderful Walls.

Walls are the easiest and most traditional place to hang artwork. The boundaries that make a house, and the perfect space to express ourselves. Picture a home. Visualize what’s inside. Yes furniture and rooms, but think of the walls. There are places designed for art, and walls are one of them.

When I visualize a traditional home I always picture a stunning masterpiece over the mantle or original work above the bed. I might every imagine a gallery of prints in the hallway perfectly spaced at viewing height. But I always find that the most memorable homes I’ve entered are the ones where art is displayed in a unique way.

The word "Wall" by definition is an enclosed area divided by some type of structure. Every culture, country, and population has them. Historically walls were created to protect and divide. Now, in our culture, walls are used to create spaces we call home. What better way to brighten a home than with art?

Recently Brittany from Bleu Bee Designs took a clients entry corner wall (behind the door) and transformed it into a stunning gallery display of original pieces collected over a lifetime. Her client now has a special place to showcase memories, personal style and conversation starters.

Our CoFounder, Jan Daniels pulled inspiration from Atlanta Homes Magazine and displayed her new abstract series in her own home using a geometric framing pattern along her living room wall. She was able to create an artistic instillation using smaller original works to creatively brighten her space.

Holley Jaakkola, featured in Southern Living, uses the gallery wall idea to bring height to her fireplace by arranging different pieces to meet the ceiling. By choosing multiple pieces, and showcasing them in a non traditional way, she was able to add a unique interest to an otherwise “normal” space.

Better Homes and Garden discussed many ways to utilize the gallery wall in a home. A few explaining the ideal way to use all the wall space by arranging work floor to ceiling. Wether geometrically or asymmetrical, the consensus was unexpected heights create interest and new perspective in a room. Art is diverse and should be displayed diversely.

What walls don’t always provide is ways to display depth. Amy, an Interiors Content Creator and Instagram influencer, creates both depth and texture by combining multiple size frames, and 3D art in a gallery wall space.

Brittany from Bleu Bee Designs also challenges the idea of layering art. In this inspirational photo from Alicia’s ( discovery of a layered gallery wall, we can see that depth and interest are a reality.

We challenge you to search through the infinite ways to create your own gallery wall. Be Brave.

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