Crawford McWilliams Thoughts (Q & A)

We Interviewed one of our Founding Artists to get inside her head and get to know her process and inspirations.

The Process

1. What medium(s) do your work in? Why?

I love painting in oils but sometimes the drying time can be ineffective for commissions and works that I need a quicker turn around time on. Some days I'm all about mixing acrylics with different mediums and others I'm all about watercolors and pen and ink. It just depends on my mood.

2. What materials do you use?

I love all sorts of texture- modeling pastes, geodes, gold and silver leaf- you name it, I've added it to a painting!

3. What is your favorite tool? Give an example of how you use it.

I would have to answer my own hands! I use my fingers and palms more than anything in the studio. Of course I love giving impasto texture with palette knives but nothing beats getting your hands dirty!

4. Briefly explain the process of creating one of your pieces.

Again, it all depends on my mood. If I'm mindlessly painting for fun in my studio I will just see where the brush takes me but if it's a commission I'm more business and have a plan.  A color, a memory, a smell- literally anything- can trigger my creativity and inspire me to run into the studio to get painting. I normally start with a rough charcoal sketch and then build up my background colors and see where the canvas takes me.

5. How did you decide on your signature? How do you create your signature?

I have had messy handwriting my entire life and it finally paid off when I decided to start painting professionally- hahaha. I have a rather unusual name (especially for a female) so I kind of felt like Cher...just "Crawford" is enough to tell people who the artist was. ha.


1. What series of work do you have? Briefly describe them.

I come up with series weekly and some stick and some don't. One of my favorites over the years has been my Lightning Strike series though because my collectors and I keep coming back to it. It is a mixed media series with heavy texture and geodes and even gemstones mixed in. I use lots of gold and silver leaf and a high gloss resin- it's very mesmerizing all together and just plain yummy.

2. What is your favorite piece of art you ever made?

I have an oil painting that I actually painted as a child when I was around 11 or 12. My mother has had it framed in our childhood home as long as I can remember. When my husband and I bought our first home she "gifted" it back to me. I have it hanging in one of my favorite gallery wall displays in our living room and it is priceless to me. I could never part with it- mostly because my mother loved it so.

3. What are some new pieces you are creating? How did they begin?

I'm working on some pieces in my Lightning Strike series in all neutrals- tans, whites, greys. I normally work in a lot of color but wanted to do something cool and muted for fall and winter coming.

4. How do you organize your inspiration for your pieces?

All inside my crazy and jumbled brain- ha!

5. Where do you see your art? Be specific, list a piece and where you imagine it in a space.

I see my art in the most special places- your homes! Whether you are finishing off a baby nursery, choosing the perfect statement piece for over your sofa, or the perfect accent piece on paper for your powder room- I am here to help you select your inspiration for your most intimate space- the place you call home and spend the most time!

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