Don't Forget The Ranch

The Untamed Square is a collective of artists and a community of art lovers, collectors, and educators and business coaches. We’ve teamed up with Kayla Cole Pacana, owner of Don’t Forget the Ranch to cultivate our untamed artistic community. Kayla’s innovative business marketing, branding, and business strategies have helped many artists (including some of our own) get a head in their own art business. She says, “My goal with every client I work with is simple: Take on the business logistics so the artist can have more space to create.”

Her passion to help fellow creatives and her knowledge of business and marketing has proved successful with Don’t Forget the Ranch artists. Many artists who’ve worked with her have experienced their sales doubling within the year. It all began when she paired up with a sculpture from Atlanta, Andy Davis, then shared her skills with a small collective in South Carolina to now multiple artists all over the country. She realized that her business minded skillset was what most artists needed to be successful.

Whitney Rahim, abstract artist and Untamed Square founding artist, said her help in pricing her work was essential to her own success with sales. Kayla takes you through a step by step process with her new Artist Bundle Guide which explains writing an artist statement, bio, and pricing work. Something she has noticed most artists struggling with. She said, “After years of listening to artists biggest concerns, most don’t know where to start when nailing down their business guides are a step by step ‘How To’ for artists to find success in the dirty details of selling art.

As a small collective of our own, we’ve seen that the artists who are able to share a clear point of view and branding are more successful. We are here to support our artists and know Don’t Forget the Ranch is here to do the same. We asked her to share words of wisdom and most stated advice. First Kayla said, “I believe- If I love my people well, everything else will fall into place the way it is supposed to.” Then she talked about how she motivates her artists. She tells them, “My biggest suggestion to any artist hoping to build their art business would be this: Keep Going. Do three things a day that help you build your brand {create art, write your artist statement, build a social network}… Three things, big or small, a day will propel you three times as far.”

Kayla’s Artist Bundle Guide is now available on her site along with her business coaching services. We look forward to including her in our Untamed Family as a resource for our own artists. Cheers to creating!

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