Hello All! 

I am so excited to be the Head Design Consultant here with The Untamed Square. My love and appreciation for art runs deep and inspires my designs on a daily basis. Many times when left with a "free day" to myself, I will roam the local art museums to find new sources of inspiration. 

Recently, I paired with artist Jan Daniels to create a six-week collaboration "Art is Design + Design in Art" in which we brought together our personal artistic abilities to allow art to shine in homes across the globe. Out of that, an even greater appreciation of art was born within me. To watch a piece be created and get to know the person behind the art, is truly a magical experience, and one that I hope you will experience with us here.

The niche of my company, Bleu Bee Designs, lies in supporting small businesses while sourcing for our clients. It was only natural to join in support of these amazing artistic entrepreneurs! My goal with The Untamed Square is to  bring that sense of belonging to your space when you purchase one of the beautiful works of art offered here. Whether you need advice for art placement, framing, styling or want to use your newest piece of art to jumpstart a room design, I am here to guide you. I love to mix the expected with a dash of unexpected, and believe in layering your spaces to speak of who you are. 

Please join me in welcoming our hand-selected Founding Artists, all of whom create beauty in their own manner. Being able to speak personally with these artists is such a treat and we hope that you'll feel just as at home with us, as we do with our artists. 


Brittany Nicole 

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