Inside the Design of Camilla Moss Designs

Camilla Moss spoke with us about her process and inspiration. This is what she had to say...


1. What is your medium? Watercolor is my primary medium. With young kids it's easy to get out and clean up quickly. I also dabble in acrylics on canvas.

2.What is your favorite tool when creating your work? Currently I am using Fabriano and Arches watercolor paper, Princeton Neptune brushes, Windsor and Newton watercolors, Dr. PH Martin watercolors, and watercolor gouache paint! I have had so much fun playing with gouache, especially when playing with vibrant colors and watercolor patterns!

4. Roughly tell us your steps to creating. First, I start with a light pencil sketch and then dive into painting trying to loosely follow the pencil sketch. I will start with a light wash of paint, and then a darker shading as I finish!

5. How did you come up with your signature? Fun fact, I am an active CPA! In practice, my job required my initials A LOT. My signature stuck so much so that I decided to use it as my logo!


1. series of works do you have? Briefly describe them. I have several series of work that truly define my passions and inspiration! This year, I created an "In Bloom" floral series, a "Jubilee" coastal series, and an angel and floral cross series. Each group of work reflects my passion and inspiration for nature, the coast and my faith. I think that some of these series will continue to evolve over the years! I also love creating watercolor patterns for surface design! One of my dreams is to have my artwork on fabric and wallpaper!

2. What is your favorite piece? My favorite pieces include my watercolor foxglove botanical and a larger work in acrylic on canvas titled “Lilies in Bloom”!

3. What are some new pieces you are creating? It’s the holiday season, so I’m currently working on custom commissions, mostly watercolor architectural portraits, hand painted ornaments and a new angel series!

4. How do you organize your inspiration for your pieces? I take time each year to brainstorm the bodies of work I want to create and when I expect to release them. I will continuously revisit my list throughout the year, and explore the color palette medium and actual subjects. It’s one of my favorite processes!

5. Where do you see your art? My art is bright and colorful and I love seeing it in spaces with a neutral pallet to give the room a pop of color! I'll never get tired of seeing my art in any space, but particularly my watercolor botanicals in a kitchen!

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