Meet our Founding Artists

We are so excited to announce the first (of many) artist’s collective: Our Founding Artist Collective. This collective has been a wonderful experience while working with each artist, getting to know their work and individual aesthetic. While we look forward to our virtual Meet & Greet with our founding artists on September 1st, we just can’t wait until then to introduce them to you. Check back with us on September 2nd, where you’ll hear directly from the artists about their work and inspirations.

The first artist in our collective is Jan Daniels, painting under the name Artist Jan. Jan’s art often graces the walls of homes with a coastal or traditional style. Her pieces range from paper to large commissioned pieces. Many of Jan’s paintings feature powerful females, mother-daughters, florals in blue and white jars, coastal elements such as shrimp and oysters, as well as architectural hints from Southern cities where she was raised. Jan uses acrylics in vibrant hues throughout her paintings to add color to a room. What we love about Jan’s work is her thought to composition. She creates work that transcends many different aesthetics but still has a signature look.

The second artist in our collective is another southerner, Abby Wolfe who creates for Abby Wolfe Fin Prints. Abby enjoys the outdoors and her art reflects this. Her prints, which are made from actual fish, blur the lines between masculine and feminine. n. Abby’s coastal outdoor style can be transformed into rustic, traditional, and more modern spaces. Her color palette consists of vibrant contrasting colors to accent the positive and negative space within her pieces. We love Abby’s unique process the most, which was inspired by the traditional Japanese printing process called gyotaku. Her attention to detail is reflected in each piece, perfect for any home.

The next artist in our collective is Whitney Rahim, creating work for her own art business Whitney Rahim Art. Whitney’s art beautifully resounds with interiors that are more traditional or coastal in nature. Her pieces range from 3x3 wooden blocks to 36x48 commissioned pieces, perfect for any space and budget. We love the emotional journey Whitney takes us on when creating each piece. Her canvases have several layers, many times beginning with a grey-green wash. She uses metallic gold accents throughout her abstracts to give an element of surprise in their uniqueness.

We are proud to offer art for the eclectic or naturalist style home, made by none other than Sarah Bulson, of Bulson Ceramics. Sarah’s art is perfect for those who enjoy a more textural and utilitarian art, which can be used in everyday homes. Her pieces range from ceramic dishware to decorative tiles to be used in home appliance areas or even installations for wall decor. With neutral hues and blues as her main color pallet, her pieces easily lend themselves to other interior styles as well. Sarah’s art embodies a primal feel with an upscale quality. As with each of our artists, she has her own process creating beautiful pieces while showcasing her signature aesthetic.

Last but certainly not least, we introduce Crawford McWilliams who makes art for her business Crawford McWilliams Art and Crawford McWilliams Jewelry. While calling the Gulf Shore of Alabama home, Crawford’s colorful art blends seamlessly into modern, coastal, eclectic or cottage style interiors. Client’s of Crawford aren’t afraid of a bit of bold color and unexpected color combinations. Her work ranges from beautiful bright nudes to bold abstract compositions. Her confidence transcends through her work to bring out the best in each room. We love how Crawford’s show stopping pieces make any space shine just a little bit brighter.

There you have it! Five artists, each with their own aesthetic, process, and style. We have proudly hand selected each artist and feel that overall, they demonstrate the core aesthetic of The Untamed Square.

Next week, things will get really exciting as we bring you footage of each artist as they showcase the process of creating their art. We love everything about it, and hope you do too!

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