Moving the Studio. But Where?

By Jan Daniels

To say that 2020 has been a roller coaster ride would be a huge understatement. Personally I’ve lived in three or more places within the last year. In my current home (recently bought, and recently moved into), I’ve realized how art has the power to ground us and to soothe our spirit. But from an artist perspective I’ve recently kept asking myself, “Where should my creative space be?”

Most of us are spending more time at home than ever. With this in mind, I struggled to find a creative spot in my own new home. I believe in the importance of creating an environment where I can feel truly relaxed and creative. An intentionality in a space creates the mood for the entire house. I needed to set apart a space that’s just for creativity. I knew that when I sit in my studio, nothing will get in the way of my work.

But where?

Extra bedroom - no too many other uses.

Dining Room - I tried this for awhile. Great space but too many distractions.

The Patio- Great lighting, but what happens when it rains?

Garage- Great space ideally but unfortunately I only have a carport.

Basement- Finally! This was the perfect spot for me. I can leave my paints out! The floors are unfinished and very forgiving. I have plenty of space. I can create my lighting for any time of day.

As you can see, I had to try many different spaces before I found the one that fit me. I know my fellow Untamed Artists have many different spaces they work in as well. But we all have a space. We all need our own space.

Here, I have a completely empty room. This blank slate truly gives me the creative freedom that I love. Just my paints, easel, and me.

Find the space you love and create your creative sanctuary.

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