“My Art” by Vera Tchikovani

We asked abstract artist Vera Tchikovani about her process and inspiration. These are her answers. We have truly enjoyed getting to know her, we hope you will be just as inspired.

1. What medium(s) do you work in? Why? I started out as an oil paint artist, but I switched to acrylics because they allow for more spontaneity. I also like that I can use acrylics thick as oils, or thinned out as watercolors. I like the freedom and the flexibility they allow.

2. What materials do you use? Besides acrylics I use just about anything that suits the process: acrylic inks, pastels, pencils, graphite, different types of brushes, scrapers, collage pieces etc...

3. What is your favorite tool? Give an example of how you use it. I have many tools that I like. I like beginning my paintings with acrylic diluted with a medium, in which case I will splash areas and let the piece dry before continuing. I may also start by drawing with graphite. But all in all, my favorite tool is my oldest brush from a hardware store. It creates wonderful textures and lines!

4. Briefly explain the process of creating one of your pieces. Basically, one can say that I am an intuitive painter. When I begin a painting usually I do not have a very specific plan. I only have a vague idea, and a plan for the materials I will use. I begin by making gestural strokes in acrylic or color without a definite direction.. And then I respond to what begins to happen on the surface that I am using.. Eventually, I begin to see a direction, and a theme is formed in my head that I follow and develop.

5. How did you decide on your signature? How do you create your signature? Placing a signature has always been a problem for me. Once a painting is finished I feel that it has a life of its own. It is almost independent from me. However, I realize that viewers would like to know who the author is so, I decided to compromise to a certain extent and I sign with my first name and initial of my last name. (Besides, my last name is too long and difficult!)


1. What series of work do you have? Briefly describe them. I am an experimenting artist so, most of my work will involve experimentation. I have the following series going on at the moment:

a. “Transparency/ Simplicity” in which I am experimenting with creating an effect of transparency. Also, in this series I want to create pieces of elegance that would be appropriate for décor.

b. “Breaking News” in which I try to react to the current topics in an abstract way.

c. “Rituals of Spring” is a series where I explore the use of color to transmit joy and happiness.

2. What is your favorite piece of art you ever made (if not sold on TUS please include a photo)?

That’s a difficult question because I am an experimenting artist and am constantly evolving. So, my favorites change. Recently, I have been attracted by the concept of simplicity. So, my favorite is connected with that interest. (Example: “Japanese Lantern”)

3. What are some new pieces you are creating? How did they begin? My new pieces at the moment are part of the series mentioned above.

4. How do you organize your inspiration for your pieces? My inspiration comes from reacting to what I am doing on my painting surface. We all react to life around us. So, I let my personality, my reaction to the world express themselves intuitively. I don’t set out to express an idea, I let it happen.

5. Where do you see your art? Be specific, list a piece and where you imagine it in a space.  Although I am an experimenting artist I am very conscious of the aesthetic element. I want my paintings to be pleasant to the eye and be elegant. They can be elegant in restraint, composition and/or color. So, it seems to me that my art can be a contribution to any décor, and be in any space.

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