Painted Picture Book

As the co-founder of The Untamed Square, it's only fair to tell my story. So, let's start at the beginning, at the why?

I have a wistful affection for my childhood memories. As a very southern girl (especially my accent) I am sentimental and passionate about capturing simple memories. One of my favorite memories is my long narrow garden filled with the colorful snapdragons. So started my love for color. 

In sharing my memories through art, my hope is to give the viewer a spark of a quick smile and warm laughter identifying with their own memories. One day I hope my paintings create my painted picture book and grace the top of your coffee table. We all have picture books in our home. Why not give others the opportunity to share their own art, their own painted pictures of a memory? #irememberwhen

Along with invoking fond memories, I understand that sometimes the process of creating that special painted picture book is just as important. So this is where the painting process begins, the how. Most times, it starts with the tools. So what brush? I personally like Princeton Brushes. 12 Angular Bright Dakota 6300AB is my absolute favorite. They create strong clean lines. You can find this brush at @blickartmaterials. A little smaller brush, but still a favorite is 8 Angular Bright Princeton 6250AB Umbria. The bristles make fun but bold strokes, which brings me memories of drawing bold chalk lines on my driveway.

 Once I have my tools, I prime my canvas and then use vine charcoal to create a composition with simple shapes. For flowers they are more organic shapes with bold blue brush strokes.     Next, I apply layers and layers of color. Color on top of color, a bright bold @lillypulitzer palette. While shaping these bold areas of color I create simple forms of the garden. As I remember that childhood garden “Bloom With Grace," I use the colors to celebrate those memories. And my painted picture book is created.

    My hope for @theuntamedsquare is to encourage other artist, teachers, mothers and students to enjoy their homes. I want to both provide painted memories and allow others to provide them. Even the cloudy days are bright when your home is filled with Original Art!

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