Step One: Organize & Refresh

By Brittany from Bleu Bee Designs

For those who enjoy cleaning and organizing, I simply can’t wait until spring rolls around. Therefore my home usually gets a seasonal “refresh”, quarterly. It helps as I change out seasonal decor, to declutter, rearrange some vignettes, and of course add any new little pieces I’ve bought recently.

Add in the fact that I’m a military wife, and you’ve got a whole new level of organization and decor. Whatever I love that currently fits our home, may or may not fit in our next home and then may or may not fit in the home after that. Therefore, when purchasing items to help organize and store miscellaneous items (from the linen closets, to the pantry, even my entertaining pieces), as much as I would adore putting custom cabinetry into every home, it’s just not practical when the Navy sends us elsewhere.

I have a fairly simple criteria when it comes to storage pieces mentioned below and keeping in mind frequent moves may be in our future: Inexpensive enough that if they break from a move one day, I won’t be devastated - and easy to use in multiple places in future homes.

In our beloved “Harry Potter closet” (yes, the long narrow closet under the stairs), Mr. Z has created for me a beautiful arrangement of 4 long shelves, narrow enough that I can still walk into the closet, but deep enough to hold our serving pieces. This comes in handy especially since we haven’t currently found a dining room hutch or buffet piece to store china and stemware. On the wall opposite the shelving, I’ve simply used Command Hooks for wreath storage, easily allowing me to swap out front door wreaths and not fret about them rotting in the attic in the Florida heat.

Another refresh I’ve completed lately, was moving my office to our front bedroom (hello fresh daylight!) and dedicate the entire closet to table linens, throw pillow covers, miscellaneous vases, candleholders, fillers, faux florals, fabric samples and so much more! I truly wanted Mr. Z to IKEA-hack a trio of Billy bookcases and give that built-in look along one wall of my office, but Navy life keeps him busy and I’m not a girl who can live in clutter in my office (because let’s be honest, I just won’t work in there!) so off to Target Curbside I went and scooped up two of their 6-cube storage shelving units, grabbed my drill, and got to work.

Amazon was by far the best price for some neutral collapsible storage bins, and voila! (picture below). Needless to say, Mr. Z was mighty impressed to come home to an organized and put together office that he didn’t need to fit into his schedule. I’m learning quickly to not fear power tools and to embrace Youtube video tutorials when I’m left home for hours on end and decide that I want curtain rods installed and shelving built.

Last but not least, our pantry received a bit of a facelift with these plastic Y bins (thanks Target) and cute glass containers (Anchor Glass Co. and a trio from Amazon) for those quick grab-n-go snacks like mini granola bars and nuts. Since we shop at Costco, I had to creatively find a way to store 6 packages of an item, while keeping the floor clean. The bottom shelves are dedicated to kitchen items we use frequently but that I don’t want to be on the countertops. Personally, countertops are for coffee makers, tea, Kitchen Aid mixers, cutting boards and pretty art, candles and plants. Not silly appliances!

So, there you have it! My quick organize & refresh, focused on three main areas in our home that currently needed some TLC. Go forth and organize!

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