Textures in the Home

By Katy Daniels

As a military spouse I have learned to be flexible. Moves are just one of the occupational hazards of living the military life. As an artists and art collector I have learned to be very selective and intentional about choosing what goes into my home. After all, my home changes. What works in a space now may not work in the next place I live. But making every space feel like home is very important to me.

For my kids, it's the constant they can hold on to when uprooting their life to a new place. They know that no matter where they live, they will have a place to hang their school work or art work. They know that family pictures will always fill our home. They know the same comfy blanket on the couch will be at the next place we go. They know that special painting I bought for their nursery will continue to decorate one of their spaces.

In founding The Untamed Square, I was able to provide more opportunities for the artist community and more opportunities for those who want to brighten their home. Whether you move or not, being intentional is important when choosing art.

Whenever I select new art in my home I ask myself, will this work in other spaces? Due to my life style, it has to be able to work in different rooms. Most likely a piece of art will grace the walls in multiple places.

The second question is, Does this go with what I already have? I am constantly refining my aesthetic and as I experience new things and places it grows and evolves. For example, recently living by the coast has influenced my taste for neutral textured art. Which brings me to my selections for The Untamed Square.

Texture in the home is a great way to add a layer of comfort and interest. Wether it's the classic blanket or rug or a basket hanging on the wall, creating the visual texture and interest brightens the home with out having to drastically change the color pallet. For someone like me, that's a huge relief knowing I can elevate my space without having to buy new curtains, paint the walls, and basically completely renovate my existing decor.

Crawford McWillams is an abstract painter from South Alabama with an eye for color and texture.It's only natural that my aesthetic gravitates toward her art. But her more recent works with textured resin and broken marble/granite have really pulled me in. Crawford normally sticks to a vibrant color pallet but in this textures series she has neutral tones that emphasize her textures that seep through. "Memories" and "Gilded Safari" are one of the two top favorites for me.

Milena Fischer calls herself the Minimalist Macramé artist. This couldn't be more true. Her natural color pallet and specific materials has allowed her tapestries to provide a soothing comfort, perfect for any home but definitely mine. Tapestries are a fantastic way to add comforting texture to your home and with Milena's architecture background and graphic designs she makes pieces that you can't help but be mesmerized by. She just recently created plan hangers to accompany her macramé tapestries which just happens to be another question I ask myself when considering art, Does it have a use?

Her single and double plant hangers provide a beautifully textured use for another natural element to brighten your home. My favorite is the simple "Amy" and visually interesting "Janel" where both can be double or single plant hangers. Also being able to choose your colors and purchase additional

extenders is another added bonus.

Sarah Bulson, our resident ceramists, creates simple natural pieces with function. My top three requirements for art in my home. Her nesting bowls (my absolute favorite) have graced the shelves and counters of many places in my home. From a soap dish, to candy holder, to craft accessory, we've enjoyed life with her bowls.

Who says beautiful things can't have a function. Everyone is used to thinking about art on the wall. But my favorite art is the kind you can feel, use, interact with.

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