Thoughts from Artist Jan

We asked our very own founding artist and co-founder a series of questions to reveal her inner thoughts on her process and inspiration for her work.

"Girls in Grey" by Artist Jan in her Rae series


1. What is your medium? Why/How did you choose it?

I enjoy using Golden Acrylic and Utrecht Acrylic paints. For matte colors, Acrylic Gouache Extra Fine. Golden and Utrecht Pigments are more saturated, smooth buttery texture that retains brush strokes. Since my brush strokes are so fluid and continuous I need a brush and paint to be consistent.

2. What are some of your favorite tools to work with?

Princeton Angular brush. This brush is my all time favorite tool. It holds paint well, cleans easily, and withstands multiple creations.

3. Roughly list the steps you take in creating one of your pieces.

I paint what I love....Flowers, oysters, shrimp, my kids and grandkids.

I love to visit garden centers, botanical gardens, forests, and nature, especially when I travel.

While on my adventures, I photograph any colors or shapes I like together.

Once I have a composition in my mind, I can begin painting. I prime my board then use vine charcoal to lightly sketch the composition on my canvas. I create small color swatches to represent my vision.

Once I have a loose outline it's time to begin the fun. I start most paintings with bold free strokes to create simple shapes. I build on those shapes and continue to layer layer and layer color. To finish my piece I add the lightness back in with white.

"For Mom" by Artist Jan in her Rae series

4. Describe your "studio," where are you creating your art?

I enjoy my H Frame  easel set up in my studio with 11 foot ceilings and lots of light.

My favorite part is the inspiration surrounding me. Out the windows are hydrangeas , ferns, White Wisteria and a small flowers patch. Lastly, Orchids grace my table.

5. If someone was to purchase a piece from you, how do you make it unique so they know it's an original?

My signature! My touches of white. My fluid strokes. My memories shared for their enjoyment, I create every piece with this distinct unique style.


1. List your previous series and describe what each one is about or what makes them unique.

“Bloom with Grace”

My childhood memories of my backyard flower garden.

“Bubba Gump”

My love for the Salty beach And Salty Seafood.

“The Power of Pearls”

Created to empower young women to grow up to be whatever they want. Be Bold -Go Far - Do Good

“I Love You Forever”

My series in memory of our loved ones with Alzheimer’s. Who see their world in Abstract.

"Wild Horses"

These are the memories of going to Cumberland Island and capturing the majestic horses that roam free.

"Shrimp Cocktail" by Artist Jan in her Bubba Gump series

2. What is your newest series about?

The “Rae” Series is simpler, smaller works. I use lines and simple shapes to create a whimsical feel. This was inspired by the wonder I see in my grandchildren. Everything is magical to them, I aim to inspire that feeling in others.

3. Out of all the pieces you've created in your new series, which is your favorite and why?

Tough question. I think the dresses are my favorite. I love how the light is captured in the folds, it reminds me of summer. The simplicity of just the dress is just like the simplicity of playing dress up. It reminds me of a very different season of life, pun intended. They are the younger spirit of my "Power of Pearls" series to empower young women. I encourage raising strong capable women, and hope that this piece is in a home to inspire.

"Summer Days" by Artist Jan in her Rae series

4. Where do you imagine your work to be hung or displayed? Feel free to pick a specific piece.

Some of the pieces are destined for a little girls room. Others will simply grace a bookshelf. I would love to think my pieces can compliment different parts of a home. The florals could go in a kitchen, bathroom, stairwell, nook. While the dresses and whimsical faces would be perfect for a girls room, vanity, or even playroom.

5. What do you hope to communicate or invoke in your art?

A simple expression of happy times and good feelings. I love reliving moments of my life when I am painting, they are my muse. I hope my work to inspires similar feelings in others, but even more, inspires them to create art and more happy times.

"Little Girl in Blue" by Artist Jan in her Rae series

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