Where I am meant to be.

“You’ll never be a good enough artist”, he told me. My third year drawing professor, a legend in the industry and someone whose approval could open doors for your career. “That guy” told me I wasn’t good enough.

We all have those “He’s”, the naysayers, the doubters, the ones who claim to be managing your expectations, but truly just crushing your dreams. And in those moments, while miserable, your future is being molded. Derailing you towards the path you’re inevitably supposed to be on. That’s where I am now. Right where I am supposed to be.

From kindergarten I knew I loved art. The first day of school we created a “get to know you collage” which included answering what we wanted to be when we grew up. Guess what mine was? Artist. And while my dream career field varied from year to year it always included something creative. When it was time to pick my major in college I yet again reverted back to….Artist. Starting with an initial drawing emphasis, I switched to 3-dimensional structures and loved every second of it. While fundamentals are crucial to learning, creativity is what ultimately drives art.

Unfortunately, in some ways my professor was right. I didn’t make it as an “artist”, but I never really tried. I went immediately into getting my masters in teaching so I could fuel and inspire young minds to harness their own creativity. What an adventure it has been! Teaching is one of the most internally rewarding and outwardly unappreciated professions.

All of these life altering moments, beginning with the professor and now ending with this virtual gallery, have blessed me with a passion for spreading art. From seeing it in my former students to discussing it with professionals, I know that artists pour their love into their work, and that deserves to be shared!

Throughout my professional journey, I have met my husband and built a military family. Yes, we are a military family. The ones that unabashedly introduce themselves to be your best friends for a few years then move away across the nation; or in our case, across the world. I’ve survived deployments, reassignments, pack outs, pack ins, and now career changes.

With this unique disposition to moving I have become almost an expert at making a house into a home very quickly. I’ve realized that art is a key factor in transforming a place to live into an inviting home.

In a way, I am sharing my home with all of you. The artists I’ve met and grown to appreciate feel like family. My hope is that you will join me on the journey to invest love into your home.

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