8”x8”, acrylic on canvas (1.5” gallery wrapped)


This specific piece is a standalone piece from the Dirty Water collections called “Bulb”. The shape is a bit of a break from the other jars and ris a reminder of where Leila's mother-in-law keeps castor oil. 


The "Dirty Water" collection depicts jars either filled with old paint water or simply covered by paint from extensive use while painting. It was initially created during a move across the country in order to keep track of some of the last few moments in the space Leila left. Creating these jars has grown to become a way for her to return to her most foundational mark making in it's purest form. The marks made for these pieces can be found in varying tightness or loosenss within all of her work, creating these jars grounds Leila and reminds her of what she loves about creating.