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"For as long as I can remember I have always gravitated toward the creative and visual side of things."


Drawing, collection magazine swipe of fashion, design, interiors and art. Rhonda had many jobs and they were all involved in creating using ideas, concepts and the best tools in her toolbox....her hands. Art director, graphic designer, farmer, pastry chef, interior designer...the list is long with the amount of hats she has worn. But they all satisfied a need deep inside her soul that yearned to be expressive and create beautiful imagery and concepts that pop into her mind and simply must get out somehow. Rhonda discovered painting 3 yrs ago and did not look back.


"This is how I express myself now and I am completely in love with it."

Though still fairly new to the medium she loves watercolor and painting with acrylics.  Her process is simple...she has an idea inspired usually by the ocean, landscape and botanicals...and then she likes to abstract those ideas into graphic shapes and tones. She loves a good “cropped in” composition, probably from her catalogue design background. But less is more in her approach and love super thick textured paint. In her own work she likes to cover the canvas so you can’t see the texture of the canvas at all.

Rhonda also sells other works on her website