Sam Chappell

"I find painting, especially coastal scenes, to be very meditative - it’s been a nice escape and also a means for stretching myself to keep learning, and has also connected me to the community both in Greenville, SC and online- this sense of connection has been incredibly meaningful during a time where we’ve all felt a bit disconnected from others."

Sam Chappell began her art journey at the start of the pandemic as a way to both relax from working full time and staying busy when home was the only place to go. The more Sam painted the more she realized this was a meaningful way to connect with her local and online communities. 

Using acrylic paint, she creates beautiful landscapes that include water. She's drawn to coastal scenes as she grew up in New England and now lives in Greenville, SC. 

Sam's initial collections focus on smaller paper series, but recently she is feeling inspired to include large painters on woodblock. She begins with a warm colored underpainting then after sketching her scene she builds it out with the blues and greens that are signature to her pieces. 

Sam also sells her work on Etsy and her website